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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 2 White Out

Elsa wants to find out what happen to Anna, she blocked the way in and out Story brooke. She wants to knows what happen to her.

In past, Anna goes to see David. She wants his help, he knows her fiance. Bo peep shows up. She wants him to paid her otherwise he and his farm will belong to her. Anna upset she tells David that she can teach him how to fight.

Henry is upset because Regina doesn’t want to see him, then whole town is black out. Emma and Henry goes to check, they found the iced wall at border.

Emma found Elsa, she tells her about Anna. While Elsa meets other, they make her panic. She break her ice down, she and Elsa are trap in ice. She threaten them to find Anna before she freeze whole town.

David goes to see Gold about Elsa, when he see the picture of necklace he remembered it. He knows where to find Anna, he goes to see peep. He get her wand to find people her brand.

David goes to see Elsa, he convinces Elsa to control herself. She make a hole and get her out. With Peep’s wand, they know that Anna still alive.

Anna is own the ice cream shop., she also has the power.