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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 1 A Tale of Two Sisters

Anna and Elsa’s parent is writing down something before their ship is down. They try to warn Anna and Elsa, they put the message in the bottle.

Elsa after get out the jar, she walks to the town. She try to control herself not to freeze the whole town.

In past while Elsa get her mother’s dress to Anna, she found her mother’s diary. She found that what happen to them is her false. They afraid of her and escapes from her, Anna doesn’t believe.

After Robin comes to break up with Regina, she goes to get her mirror back. She wants him to get rid someone for her.

Belle shows Rumple the house she found, it’s empty. She wants to use it for their honeymoon.

Grumpy tells Emma that he found someone who almost iced them. Emma found her trace and following her, she see the ice monster.

It chases her to town and head to the wood, while it chasing around town. Elsa sneaks to Gold’s shop. She is looking for her pendant.

Anna takes Elsa to see Pabbie, he tells them about where they might leave. Elsa can’t leave her kingdom, Anna volunteer to go.

Snows monster knocks Emma and  them down, while it is going to crush Marian Regina shows up and destroy it.

Regina thinks that because of the book she is not happy, she wants to find the writer of the book to change what he write.

Elsa found that Anna goes to Enchanted forest to find their parent.