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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 22 There’s No Place Like Home

Emma found the woman the she saw Evil queen captured, she tells her that tomorrow they will be executed.

Charming captured Snow, while they talking Hook interrupt them to help Emma out of Evil Queen’s castle.

In cell, Emma pick locks and help that woman out of. They found Hook and get out the castle, he tells her that she should died.

Snow sneaks in the Queen’s room, she try to kill her but she failed. She is captured and going to execute tonight. Emma and them found her, they see she is going to executed.

They see her died, Emma is sad but then she realized that she stills here. It means Snow is not died. Charming found that Snow turn herself to bug, Blue fairy shows up and return her body.

After that Charming found that Snow escapes to Troll bridge, they need to help her because she already use the dust already on herself. Charming try to get Snow out, but he is captured instead. Snow bluff them that she has dust and make them off.

Finally they are falling in love. Emma found that the history is back. Emma and them back to Rumple, he said he can’t cast it. Then he captured them in his vault.

Emma tells Hook that she really wants to go back. Emma got her magic back, she open the portal and goes back. Emma goes back to her family.

Swan and David name their son Neal. Emma and Hook thinks everything is back to normal. Rumple and Belle married at night.

Emma shows Regina that woman she bought back, she is Marian. She is Robin’s wife. Regina is upset, she tells her that she hope she didn’t bring anything else back.

At the spell place, jar from Rumple vault is come back with them. Woman is coming out from the jar, she can freeze thing.