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American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 11 Protect the Coven

In 1830, LaLaurie and family just moved in New Orleans. One day she discovers about blood, she becomes obsess with it. She start to torture and kill for their blood.

Today Fiona takes them to Nan’s funeral. Queenie and LaLaurie shows up, they are glad she is ok. They takes LaLaurie back too, she still works as their maid.

One day she feels that she still wants to see the blood, she start her tortured again. At night Zoe found that Fiona and Marie drown Nan.

When she tells Madison about it, she doesn’t care. She is jealous of her and Kyle. She breaks up with them now.

LaLaurie found Jeeves, she found he’s ghost and he knows her secret also. He wants her to kill Marie, he knows how to kill her. But he wants her to get something for him, she get him the doll he wants. He tricks her with the Benadol.

Cordelia is rejected by Queenie when she try to talks to her, she thinks she is weak. She is upset and try to get her vision back. But nothing works, she decides to destroy her eyes.

Fiona rushes to her after knows what she done, but she argue with Snow and left before see her.

Snow tells Zoe and Kyle to leaves the coven, she tells her they are in danger so they can survive.

Today Fiona and Marie go to meet with Renard, he wants them to stop their spells and put his company back. She demand back to him to stop his organization and hand over his property. As they won’t agreed, she asks Axesman to start.

He killed all except Renard, Fiona finish it. Before died, Renard said kill them won’t end the war.

At night after LaLaurie get chance when see Marie drunk, she put her Benadol. She stab her, but she is OK. Now Marie is upset and after her. Jeeves shows up and knock her, he tells her to be sure she can’t get out after buried.

At night Zoe and Kyle run off to the bus station.