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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 21 Snow Drifts

Snow and David are planning to announce her son’s name, Gold and Belle are going to married. Robin and Regina are in love.

They found that Emma plans to get back to New york, but nobody agreed with her. Henry notices the light pillar, Gold tells them it’s time portal from Zelena and it’s open.

They found out that she is missing from cell, Gold alter the tape so they found that she killed herself. Gold tell them when she died, her magic fulfilled itself, he said no body should near it.

Emma notices that light and goes to check it,  Emma is suck by portal. Hook has no choice but following her.

They found themselves in the past, Emma thinks they should find Rumple. Then they spot black knights and Evil Queen. When she try to get out and help pleasant, Hook stops her from interfere the past.

While Charming escort his fiance to castle, Snow is blocking the road with tree. While Snow is ambush Charming, Emma saw them and make her plan failed. Emma tells Hook now because of her, they never met.

Snow goes to Black beard for escape, while Emma and Hook meets Rumple. She tells him about his plan, and tells him about his son and his success plan.

She tells him about what they just change, Rumple tells them about Ball tonight. They have to put them back together.

They plan Snow to steal the ring from Charming, but Rumple wants them to get inside the ball too.

At night Snow sneaks in castle to find the ring, but Evil queen shows up with black knight. Charming found Snow while she takes his ring, but she knock him down and escape.

Emma found that Charming said that he will find her, but she drop her ring. She following her to giver her the ring. But she is captured by evil Queen.