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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 20 Kansas

They rush Snow to hospital, Snow’s baby is coming. Zelena is preparing her spell, now she is missing one ingredient.

David tells Emma to takes Hook with her, she plan to get rid Zelena. They head to Zelena’s farm house. She and Rumple shows up, Rumple drown Hook. She has no choice but mouth to mouth him. She lost her magic.

In past Glinda goes to see Zelena, she warns her about her doing. She takes her to her sisters, they offered her seat in the sisterhood of Oz. But she needs to let her past.

Zelena did it, she doesn’t wick anymore. She seems to be happy, Glinda shows her west part. But they notice the cyclone, they found Dorothy. She comes from Kansas, Glinda is happy and takes her to the sisterhood. Zelena start to envy again.

At night she try to attack Dorothy, she put the water on her. She start to melting and gone. Glinda tells Dorothy that this is her fate, she should goes to see the Wizard. They left, Zelena return.

Zelena and Gold get in the hospital, she knock down all of them and goes to get their baby. David rush out to get him back, Emma tells them she lost her magic.

Henry tells Regina if she use her light magic, she will won. He believes in her. They go to stop her before she cast, she and Rumple knocked them down.

While she is killing Regina, Robin get her heart back. Regina start her light magic and attack her. She takes out her jewel, she lost all her magic.

Rumple try to revenge her, but Regina stops him. She tells him nobody dies, she captured her in cell. She gives her 2nd chance, she tells her should takes it.

Rumple goes to kill Zelena as he promised to Neal. After she died she back to her jewel and goes back to her spell and activate it.