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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 19 A Curious Thing

In past Belle shows up at castle, she tells them about Rumple revive and Neal’s dead. She tells them that Zelena get Rumple’s dagger.

Aurora tells them Zelena wants their baby, Zelean shows up and turn Aurora and Phillips to fly monkey. She tells them that she will back for their baby.

They discuss how to get Rumple back, they goes to his castle. They found in the cage, they ask him how to stop Zelena.

He said light magic, he tells them about other witch in dark forest. They found the door there, Snow thinks she is Glinda. They meet her, she tells them Zelena is stronger than her. She tells them about the gem that hold her power, she said they need magic love. So they think only Emma can do, they think they need to cast the curse to get her back.

David thinks Snow can cast the curse by use his heart, Regina get his heart out. Snow kill it, before the curse activate Zelena shows up and change something in the curse. She tells them she make them forget.

Zelena capture Hook and tells him that he has to kiss Emma or she will kill Henry first.

Regina and them thinks that their missing year might gives them something to defeat her. She thinks that last time and this time only different is Henry doesn’t remember. She thinks the story book might help Henry remember back. They are looking for story book, Henry thinks her mother is suspicious. He try to leave to New york with her car, but Hook stop him.

They found the book at Snow’s place, they take it to Henry. But they found Henry is missing, Emma found his phone at the dock.

While Hook and Henry are talking, flying monkey shows up. When they try to attack him, Emma and them shows up. They get rid them, Emma tells him the truth. She tells him to touch the book and now he remember everything.

While Emma is going to break curse, Zelena shows up and catch Henry. While she is going to kill him, Emma use her light magic to chase her out.

Henry wakes Regina up, she kiss him and break the curse. Now they remember everything, Snow tells her that she cast the curse not Zelena. She tells them they split her heart and share it. It works, Charming is wake up.

Hook tells Emma about curse of his lips, they tell him that they didn’t send the message to him.

In past Zelena made 2 memory potion, one for her and one for Rumple. Neal shows up and send it to Hook instead.

Snow’s baby is now coming.