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American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 8 The Sacred Taking

At night Queenie wander under the highway, one homeless attack her. She knock him down, Zoe and Madison show up. They want her back at school, she said no. She kill a homeless man, he killed a lot of school girl.

She has to take his dark heart as Marie wants, Queenie tells them Marie is going to make potion to gives her power.

Fiona is in pain from her cancer, she told Cordelia about her status but she doesn’t care much. She goes back to axeman.

Cordelia meeting with her students, they are plan to kill Fiona. Misty shows up tell Zoe that she is following by someone. She escapes with Snow to here, Cordelia meets both of them. Snow thinks Misty is next supreme.

Now they are making The Sacred Taking to check is Misty a new supreme or not, Fiona’s sick is worse. She start to see illusion that created by them, they try to convince her to killed herself.

Nan goes out to see Luke, but she found… Finally Fiona tell Snow that she decides to leave, she takes all pills and goes to sleep.

While she is dying, she see Jeeves’s ghost. He give her the cure, he convinces her to live. He tells her about Zoe, Misty, after she get out the poison. She tells him that she will avenge for them.

LaLaurie try to convinces Queenie to let her out, but Marie shows up to stop her first. She try to taunt Marie to kill her, but instead she cut off her hand.

Luke is shot when he try to protect Nan from shooter, at common room they are waiting for Fiona to die.

While they talking, Fiona shows up. She wants to see who is next supreme, she goes to see Misty at Luke’s house. She wants her to revive’s Luke’s mother.

Cordelia is going to see Fiona,  but on the way she feels something. She found that someone is after them, after Misty revive her she collapse.

Next morning someone drop the box at school, Fiona get it in school. She open the box and found LaLaurie’s head, she still not dead.