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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 18 Bleeding Through

Zelena goes to see Regina with her apples, she tells her that she is here to be sure that Rumple can get her heart.

Rumple hostage his son to exchange for Regina’s heart. He gives him her heart, he left. Regina shows up and found that nobody hurt, she found that she still alive mean she wants something more far worst.

Regina goes to see Belle, she wants her to help her find something she can defeat Zelena. She asks her about 2 sides candle, the one that Snow kill her mother.

In past, Cora meets Prince Jonathan. He asks her to married him, she said yes. But he said he needs to leave and he will back.

Emma and them meet with Regina, she tells them about her heart. She is going to summon her mother to ask, but she failed Cora doesn’t want to tell them.

Cora found out later that Jonathan tricks her, she tells him about pregnant but he doesn’t care her. He lefts, then she meet Leopold he offered his help.

Regina and Snow are lock in house, they found her mother spirit. She enter in Snow and make her see her past. Belle tells Emma about Zelena’s spell.

Zelena tells Rumple  that she is going to change the past then he will see his son again, He is agreed.

Eva tells Leopold about Cora and her lies, guards get her out. While Eva married to Leopold instead. Belle and Emma shows up, she tells them about Zelena’s spell.

Snow tell them about Cora, Princess Eva her mother force her to abandon Zelena. They found she will goes back to kill Eva, then Snow, Emma and Henry will never born.