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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 17 The Jolly Roger

At night Hook and his crew rob the gold from army. He tricks them that he has a big army surround them.

Emma asks Regina to teach her to use her magic, so they can attack Zelena. She said she will do on her way.

David and Snow found Ariel at shore, she tells them she is looking for Eric but she can’t find him anywhere. David and Snow think may be Hook know, but he doesn’t. They want him and her go to find Eric together.

Hook and Ariel go to see Belle to find something that can locate Eric, Hook found his cloak. They put the locating spell on it, they following it.

They found it dive in to the ocean. She thinks Eric is gone.

In past, Hook meets Ariel. She thought that he kidnap Eric, she tells him about one who on Jolly Roger that give her the dagger. He is black beard. Hook is glad now he found Jolly Roger, Ariel wants to goes with him.

They found his ship, he challenge the black beard. While they fight, Ariel goes to search for Eric. He win Black beard, Ariel can’t found Eric. She wants him to ask Black Beard, he tells him to give him Jolly Roger then he will tell them where is Eric.

Hook feels sorry for Ariel, he confess to her what he has done. Ariel then transform to Zelena she curse his lips. She tells him that next time if he kiss her, her magic will lost. She tells him to remove her power or everyone else will die.

At night Hook goes to see Emma but he can’t remover power from her.