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American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 6 The Axeman Cometh

In 1919 the axeman shows up at night, he killed a family in the house. Next day they talk about him at the school, they argue that they should invites people for Jazz night or not. Their leader tells them they are powerful enough.

At night, he  sneaks in school with his axes. He found one of the student, she stab him instead. Then the rest of her friends stab him countless.

While Zoe checks Madison belonging, she found hidden place in her room. She found some old pictures, she meets with Queenie and Nan about it.

She wants them to watch each other back, she shows them also the spirit board. Queenie tells them it does 2 things contact and release. Zoe said that they need to find Madison.

But instead they invite Axeman, Queenie stop the process. Fiona is in hospital doing Chemo, she start to hear their thought.

Zoe and them found that witch’s class in 1919 killed him, she think he might be able to contact Madison. Queenie and Nan against it, Zoe is upset. She decides to do alone.

In exchange to release him, he tells her that she is at the attic, Zoe get in and found Madison’s body.

They asks Jeeves about her, he lies to them that he killed her. But Zoe thinks he lied, While Misty help to recover Snow. Kyle shows up, she clean up him. After done he suddenly freak out, he start to break thing.

Zoe shows up, Misty tells her to get him back. Zoe tells her that she needs both of them. She shows her Madison’s body, she wants her to revive her.

Misty and Zoe join forces and revive her, she wake up. Cordelia’s husband goes to see Marie, he is hired by her to spy at school. But she knows that he is in love with Cordelia. She tells him to kill all witch and burn that place, she will let him live.

Zoe tells them not to tell Fiona about Madison, now they question her about moment before she died.

Cordelia leave the hospital and comes back, at night she found the axeman in her room. He wants her to release him, he tells her to call Zoe.

She screams out, Zoe and them go to see her. She thinks it’s an Axeman, she tells them she didn’t release him. Zoe goes down to find the spell can make him move on.

They cast spell and release him out.