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American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 5 Burn, Witch. Burn!

In 1883, Madame LaLaurie shows her guess her hall of horror, he found human eye ball, intestine. He freak out and run off.

LaLaurie tells them that now the hell is at front of their door. Fiona heard Cordelia scream, she found her face is damage. At hospital they tell her that she will blind.

At house, Luke think they are just a prank. He goes outside to stop them, some teenagers come to see them. Marie commands them to begin, they killed and eat that teenager and attack Luke.

Nan gets out to help him, they now corner in Cordelia’s car. At hospital Fiona wander around in hospital, she found baby and mother. But she said her baby is dead, she force her to talks to her baby. Then her baby start to breath.

Zoe distract them to her, she is corner in the small room. LeLaurie found her daughter, she let her in. While she talks to her, she grab her neck.

She shows up and attack Jeeves, now she is following Queenie. LaLaurie comes to rescue her on time.

While they are attacking Nan and Luke, Zoe with chainsaw she cut them down. But when she is attacked, she suddenly cast spell on him. It stops Marie’s spell.

Fiona comes back in morning, she asks Nan and Zoe to burn all corpse. Councils shows up again, they blames her for everything happen in school since she came.

Fiona tells them that she see one who attack Cordelia, it’s Snow one of the council. She knows that she was in town for weeks, she get her glove off and found her hand has same wound as Cordelia. Council demand to burn her alive.

Next day, they burn her alive. After that Queenie comes to see her, she is the one who make her hand wound like Cordelia. She thinks she can’t lie, Fiona convinces her to help.

Misty goes to place where they burn snow, she revive her.