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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 15 Quiet Minds

Hook tells them about Neal who try to get his father back, Regina tells them she will go back to see the trace of magic.

Zelena try to call Rumple with his dagger, but seem he already free from dagger. She ask one of her monkey to find him, Rumple is escape and running in wood.

They tell Belle about Rumple, they think she might be able to find any clue in his shop. Hook volunteer to protect Belle, while other go out in wood to track him. While they are searching, Neal storm in the shop and collapse. They takes him to hospital, Emma goes to see him. They tell him about Rumple, and Henry.

In past Belle and Neal try to find way to get Rumple back, they go to read the books. Belle light out the candle and it can speaks. They ask him how to restore him, he point them to the key to dark one vault. After they leave, Zelena shows up, she plan it with the candle.

While Regina check the farm house, she meet Robin. He tells her that he is here to find her trial also.

Emma and David found Gold, but he is not well. Money wing shows up and try to attack him, David block it and ask them to run. Emma lost Gold but found Neal instead, now they are looking for him.

Neal and Belle go to the place where Candle tells them, Belle found that Candle lies to them. He confess them that wicked witch force him to do this, so she can control the dark one. Neal won’t listen and open the door, Rumple get out from door.

He try to help Neal but Zelena shows up, he has no choice but help Neal. He merged with Neal, Zelena takes control Rumple and try to get him kill Belle. but Candle help her escape out on time.

Neal tells Emma that he and Rumple are together, he tells her to separate them. She did, Neal asks Rumple who is the witch. He tells them it’s Zelena, then Neal is dead.

David and Emma rush back to Snow, but Zelena is gone. Zelena command Gold to goes back to cell. Emma tells Henry about Neal.