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American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 4 Fearful Pranks Ensue

1961 African child is chased by white men. They corner him in the alley, later police found he is hanged on the tree.

Marie is very upset, she cast spell to find who responsible. She raise the dead to after them, all of them are killed.

That night Jeeves heard the argument between Fiona and Madison, then he see her killed Madison. She tells him to get rid of body.

They heard Queenie scream, Fiona found she injured. She asks her what happen, a man with Ox head toward to them.

Fiona get Queenie out and ask Cordelia to help her, Queenie has no breath anymore. But Fiona revive her. She tells LaLaulie that he won’t come back, she send his head back to Marie.

Zoe lost Kyle while she goes to find something for him to eat. She has no idea where is him.

Marie’s friend try to stop her from start the war, in past she and Anna make peace treat between coven. Now she said it will be.

Cordelia’s husband has an affair, while he tells her that he goes out for work. Queenie finally wake up, Nan tells them that the council comes.

Cordelia thought they comes because of Queenie, but actually they come for Nan. Fiona shows up to stop her before she said too much. Nan tells them she call because she can’t find Madison anymore. She thinks she is dead.

They questions each of them, Cordelia,  Zoe, Queenie, Nan. Nan tells them about Madison’s new power, they found that Fiona also knew.

They question her about Madison, they remember last time when Anna is missing. Fiona also with her, after that they appoint her as supreme. After that not long, Jeeves lost his tongue.

Now they tells Jeeves to write down that witch, he write the name one of council. Cordelia tells them that Madison can’t be next supreme, she has body problem.

Marie cast her spell to raise the dead, at night while Cordelia and Fiona goes out to drink. Cordelia is attacked by someone.

At night while Lalaurie is going answer the door, she though it’s a children for candy. She found her dead daughters, other dead now surround them.