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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 14 The Tower

Charming found Emma’s room still exist, he found Emma in ball dress. She asks him to teach her how to dance. Then Emma is suck in the wardrobe, she tells him not to failed her next time. Charming wake up and found Snow, she tells him she is pregnant.

Zelena has Rumple’s dagger, she has control over him. She goes to see Belle at his shop, she asks her about Gold. When has chance she use his blood to get something out from his safe.

At Regina’s office, David found trace of holly Berry. He thinks it’s near the troll bridge, he goes to see Margaret and Zelena. He doesn’t sure that they can trust her.

She put something for them to drink,

In past charming goes out to get night root, he heard woman call for help. He see the tall tower, he climb up her hair and see her Rupunzel.

He found they have the same symptom about sleep, she tells him that lock her in tower. If she try to leave, she will come attack. Charming decided to help her, but he is attacked by her. He found that it’s her fear, he convinces her to defeat her fear.

Emma and Hook following the trail and found farm house, she notices the storm cellar. But Hook tells her they should get Regina as backup, she see the message from David. They rush to help him.

David while he is looking for trail he think he found the witch. He try to get her but he is knocked down. He found out that that man is himself. He knows that he is his fear. But he is weak against him, while his fear is going to kill him. He see Emma coming, he is become stronger and defeat him.

David tells them about his fear, Regina found out that witch steal his sword. She said she takes his courage. Now they head to that farm house again, they get in the storm cellar. They found the cage and there is wheel¬†inside, David thinks it’s Rumple.