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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 13 Witch Hunt

Witch tells her creature to let Queen knows that she is in her castle, Queen tells Snow and Charming that there is a tunnel leads to castle. It may pass the spell.

Emma asks them what happen they don’t remember anything for past year, Hook tells them he found the vial with note to get Emma back here. But seem they have no clue.

Belle tells them about place that has monkey with wing, it’s oz. Queen said then who take their castle is a witch, now they plan to attack the castle.

Regina found Henry in diner, she is surprise. Emma asks her if it’s her doing she said no. Robin call Emma and tell her about John, he is lift by something while he try to cross the border.

Emma gathering them together, they all thing that Regina did it. She try to explains but nobody believes her, she upset and attack them and leave. The witch is also among the town people.

Emma actually plan with Regina to find out who did this, now she is going to replicate that vial and make Henry remember.

Queen and Robin go inside the castle, she found that door to her crypt is opened. He found she try to put sleeping curse on herself, he convinces her to stop.

At dine, Snow meet Zelena. She talks with her happy. Regina failed to make memory potion, Emma tells her that they can use this to trick the real one. They spread the news that Regina make the memory potion in town.

Zelena heard that and upset, Emma and Regina stake out side her office. They found someone in her office, but they can’t catch him.

Queen success to lower the protection spell down, Charming and army is moving in now. Queen meet Zelena, she tells her that she is her sister. She wants to make her suffer.

Emma takes Regina to see Henry, she thinks it’s a start. David and other tells them about victim that turn to flying monkey. Regina tells them that its clear that it’s a wicked witch.

At night Zelena bring the food to Rumple, she bring him back from death.