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American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 2 Boy Parts

2 men killed the gator, while they get on shore they meet Misty.She tells them what they did is wrong, she raise the gator back and they killed them all.

At morning Fiona has Madam LaLaurie in her room, she wants to know how she lives until now.

At the meeting, Queenie tells them how she is found, she worked with upset customer. She fired his hand.

During meeting, 2 detectives shows up and wants to talk with Zoe and Madison. They knows Zoe goes to see Kyle before died, Zoe suddenly snapped she tell them the truth.

Fiona shows up and force them to drink something, she tells them to forget about them.

Next day Madison and Zoe goes to the morgue, she tells her that she will raise Kyle back for her. But she is going to compose him with each pieces.

At hospital Claudia and her husband go to check about her pregnant, but seem the fertilize is not work.

Madame LaLaurie tells her past to Fiona, how she is tricked by black witch. She wakes up and found they hang up her daughter, and buried her alive.

They thought that they failed to raise him, then one of the coroner comes he found Zoe. Kyle then get up and start to attack him, she tells him to stop.

Fiona found that black witch in salon, she asks her about her potion. But she won’t, she almost burn her place down before leave.

While Zoe getting Kyle back, she found Misty in car. She tells her to make it right, she tells her that she called her out so she following her.

She tells Zoe to leave him there, she will heal him as new.