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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 12 New York City Serenade

One year ago Aurora and Phillips see the fog curse coming,  then they see Snow and rest of them. After they leave, Aurora thinks they should tell them to prepare themselves for it.

Tonight Emma has diner with Walsh, Hook shows up again. He tells her if she wants to know the truth go to address he gave. Walsh back and propose her, she refused him.

Emma goes to see the address she got from Hook, she found it’s Neal’s place. She also found Henry’s camera.

Emma goes to see Hook, he tells her about the curse that rip their kingdom and put them back to storybrooke. He gives her something to drink to get her memory back. She get polices to arrest him.

While Snow and Queen going back to castle, they are attack by something with wing. Robin shows up and help them.

Emma found the picture of her and Henry in Henry’s camera, she goes to ask Hook about it. He tells her to drink potion, she did. She remember everything now.

Snow and Queen with them found their castle, but it’s in protection spell. Queen said who ever did this has to pay, for now they retreat to Robin’s camp.

Walsh shows up, Emma is trying to explain him. But she found that Walsh knows about Hook’s potion. He turns to creature with wing and attack her, she get rid of him.

She tells Hook that they will leave in morning, next day she try to tell Henry by she wants take him to vacation.

Emma takes them to Storybrooke, she goes to see Snow and David. They tell her they lost a year and they still don’t know who.

In castle, the creature takes Queen’s blood to the witch.