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American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 1 Bitchcraft

In 1834 Mother of 3 daughters introduces them to young man, at night after party her servant tells her about one of her daughter with a man.

She is upset about her, she asks to lock him up. He put the ox head on him, she said now she has own Minotaur.

Present, Zoe get her boyfriend at home. While she is going to give him her virgin, he is bleeding to dead.

Her mother told her later that her family is a witch, so she is. She is dragged to school for witch by strange woman and her men. They send her to school and disappear.

She get inside and found people in mask, they come to mess up with her. She meet Madison, Nan and Queenie. And she meet Cordelia, she tells her about school’s history.

She tells them about Misty, after she is discovered that she is witch. She is burned to dead. She tells them they have to hide.

At Fiona’s lab, one of her scientist show her the video of experiment about cell generation in monkey. She tells him that she wants it now, but he said it’s not ready until next 2 years.

At night Fiona complains to him that what he gave doesn’t work, she is upset and she start to use her power. She suck out his life and make her younger.

At first dinner in school, the girls is means on Jeeves. He upsets and leave room, Madison asks how Zoe get here.

Madison first tells them that she killed a man because he just upset her, Queenie and Madison start fight. Queenie cut herself and it’s injured Madison, Nan stop them before they kill each other.

At night Fiona shows up and spook Cordelia, she tells her about Misty’s news. Fiona is Cordelia’s mother and she is the supreme. She is upset with her mess with her life, she tells her she wants to help the girls.

Kyle is briefing his friends about party tonight, Madison and Zoe shows up at party. He sees Zoe, she also see him. He starts to talk with her.

Kyle’s friend drug Madison and rape her, Kyle and Zoe comes in first and stop them. He chases them back to the bus, they knock him down. Zoe chase them after, but the bus is leave. Madison comes and flip it down.

Next day there is a news about it, Fiona shows up and takes them to the old place of Madame LaLaurie. She kill man for her beauty.

One day a slave come with her potion, she drink it and died. That slave comes and release all her prisoner.

Zoe goes to visit Kyle, she found him badly shape. She killed him at hospital, At night Fiona gets someone to dig out Madame LaLaurie out. She still alive.