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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 11 Going Home

Gold tells them that the curse can stop by Regina. To do that they will need to switch Henry and Pan back so they will have a scroll.

While David and them go to get wand, Pan’s shadow following them. Tinker bell use pixie dust and captured it again. Tinker bell burn it, then they found Blue revive back. She give them black wand.

Now Gold casts the spell, they leave to find Henry. Gold said he will stay to finish business with his father.

They found Henry, the spell works. When Regina hold the scroll, she collapse. Pan put back his cuff on Rumple and knock him, he said the thing he did doesn’t work on him. He tells him that his curse will killed everyone.

Gold cut out his hand to remove the cuff, Pan shows up to Emma and them. He cast spell on them to stop them, Gold shows up and killed him and himself. They both disappear.

Regina tells them after she break the curse, they all will goes back to enchanted forest. She said Emma has to get out with Henry.

Regina tells Emma that all memory will be gone too, they leave Storybrooke while Regina destroy her curse.

One year later in New york, Emma and Henry lives there. This morning someone knocks on their door, she meet Hook. He tells her that her family is in danger.

She doesn’t remember him, she knock him down before close door to him.