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American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 13 Madness Ends

Morgan breaks into Blairclff, he looks around for his memory from his parent. Then he see a couple break in, He is the one who rip his arm off.

Today Lana is going to get other interview, they ask her about how she make shutdown Blarcliff.

Years ago, Lana sneaks her camera crew inside Blaircliff. She shoots out the patient, she asks one of Nurse to see Judy. But she was too late, she was gone.

After she shutdown the Bliarcliff, she goes to see Kit. She knows that Kit get Jude out, he get her out after Alma died.

He helped her recovered, one day she has break down but his kids takes her to wood and when she back she is normal. Then 6 months later she pass away with happy.

While she make a break, Morgan hand her the drink. He disguise as one of the crew, she say nice to him.

Later that they asks her about how she takes down Cardinal Howard, who run the Blaricliff before. After that he suicide, then they talks about her child.

She tells them that her child alive, but she didn’t raise him. She said that she used to looking for him, but when she found him she can’t tell him the truth.

They talks about Kit, after he sick and going to die. He disappear, no one found him anymore. After interview done, Lana know that Morgan is near by.

Lana knew about him long time, how he involved about murder. She asks him how he know about himself, he told her about recording tape.

She try to convinces him, and get his gun. She shot him in head.