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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 10 The New Neverland

Emma and them arrives at Storybrooke, they are all welcome. Snow and other tells town people they all own to Regina too.

In past, Snow tells Charming about Medusa’s head. She is going to take it, to stop Regina.

After Henry tells her that he wants to spent night with Regina’s house, Emma suspects something. He try to get magic from Regina, but she won’t. After she left him, he wakes up his shadow.

Emma and them suddenly heard the woman scream, they found Pan’s shadow take out Blue’s shadow.

Snow and Charming goes to Medusa’s place, he lure her for Snow but her blade is broken when try to cut out her head. Medusa turn Charming to stone. Snow use the mirror shield to stone Medusa.

Regina takes Henry to place where she keeps her magic, before left Emma warn her about Henry but she thinks she jealous.

Emma goes to see Gold, she tells him to open the box. She think Pan control his shadow from the box. They think they will release Pan out the border, he will has no magic and no power.

Gold release him, he call Emma as mother. He proves them he is Henry, they are so happy. While Pan is with Regina in her magic vault, he knocks her down.

They are gather at Regina’s vault, Gold break in and found Regina unconscious. Gold found that Pan takes out the curse¬†from her. The curse that destroy enchanted forest.

They wonder why Pan wants to cast the curse again, Gold tells them that this time no one will break the curse. Pan tell Felix that Storybrooke will be come new neverland.