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American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 12 Continuum

Grace and Alma lives together with Kits and their baby, they are seems happy family. At night Alma is worried about Grace, she obsessed with alien.

Kits goes to talks to Grace, while night Alma found that they arrives. She thinks they comes to take their kids. But they found they are people, one of his friends try to burn their house. Seem police can’t help them.

Alma and Grace start to fight about alien, at night while he and Grace talking. Alma chop her with axe. He has no choice but send her to Blaircliff.

Monsignor tells Jude that he will release her out before he moves to New york. He tells her that he gives the facility to state.

Jude see a lot of new comer, one of them is a woman in black wing. But seem she just a criminal from other county.

At night, she found that she also is her roommate. At night she panic that she will give her a death. She start to attack her, but she is captured to the office.

New director tells her that Monsignor left her for years, Pepper also died years ago. Seem she is here longer then expected.

1969 Lana publish her book and it very success. While she talks to audience, she start to see illusion. Kit comes to congrats her, but during they talks seem Lana changed she thinks only herself. He is upset because she suppose to shutdown that place, she is not. He tells her about his wife, he tells her about Jude.

At Blaircliff now is crowd with patient, Kit goes to see her. He found she really crazy now, he asks her to shut place down.

Morgan is looking for Lana’s book, he found one he tells the owner what he has to do when he meet his mother.