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American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 10 The Name Game

Arden lied to Kit about Grace, he hide Grace and wants to exam her. Pepper is there to protect her, she tells him she is protected. She warned him if Grace is hurt, he will be come patient here.

Sister Eunice tells Monsignor that they are looking for Leigh now, Monsignor get warned from woman in black wing that Sister Eunice is a devil. She wants him to cast her out.

At common room, Lana and Kit found Oliver. He tells them now, Sister Eunice hired him for full time.

Sister Eunice and Dr. Arden takes her to shock therapy, Sister Eunice goes to see Monsignor. He get a chance and try to cast devil out, but she aware and get off his purity instead.

After the therapy Judy is not herself anymore, she doesn’t even remember her name. After Arden see what she did to Monsignor, he decides to stop his experiment. He killed his subject and going to kill himself but he won’t dare to.

Monsignor goes to see Jude to sorry to her, he asks her what he should do with Sister Eunice. She tells him to kill her, he found Sister Eunice at his room again. She aware that he is going to kill her, but she tells him she knows her secret.

Monsignor tells her that he knows the real Eunice still inside, he get chance and push her down. Arden found that she die, he wants her to cremated.

Oliver found that Grace is going to give birth. He takes Kit to see them, with her child. He asks him about tape, but he found it’s missing. Lana shows up and tell him that she has it, he must keep them safe otherwise it will reach police.

Jude meets her Sister, she tells her to help Lana out. She is not belonged here, Arden try to cremated Sister Eunice. Then he decided to go with her.