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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 7 Dark Hollow

5 days ago after Emma and them left, Belle tells the town people about Henry and portal. She tells them what Rumple said that more people will coming.

They get in mine and try to get fairy dust, Belle casts spell to cloak the town but she is too late. 2 men barely arrives to storybrooke.

Regina and Rumple gives instruction for Ariel to meet Belle and get what they want. Pan notices that, he is sending someone after them.

Ariel shows up at Storybrooke, she asks dwarf about Belle. While Pan’s lost boys are in town and see her.

Ariel gives Belle the Rumple message, he tells her that she will find it because of their love. They found pandora’s box, but Pan’s lost boys shows up. They ask them what is the box. They tied them up and leave.

Belle and Ariel get out the tie and goes after them to the mine, she thinks they will be there to destroy it.

Neal tells them about Dark Hollow, it’s where they will go to catch Pan’s shadow. Henry found out that Pan is hiding something from him, he is looking about it.

Emma, Hook and Neal are attacked by shadows. Emma catches Pan’s shadow by her magic.

Belle and Ariel stop 2 men from destroy pandora’s box. They tell them that Pan has their sisters for long time, they tells her that Wendy is their sister.

Henry following them and see Wendy, she tells him about his father. Seem Pan makes her to trick Henry.

They go back to Tinker bell and tell her about Pan’s shadow. She agreed to help them, Pan tricks Henry that only him can help her. He shows Henry the skull island.