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American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 9 The Coat Hanger

Morgan goes to see the therapist, he tells her that he skinned the cat and he wants to stop it. After he tells her about he is in prison, she start to panic.

He said he is son of Bloody Face, he can’t compete with her father so he wants to stop what he is doing.

Sister Eunice tells Lana that she is pregnant, she is shock. Jude wakes up and found herself strain, Monsignor tells her that she killed a guard.

Sister Eunice plan with Leigh to frame on her, they convinces them to believe that she did. Now Jude will be locked down in Facility as patient.

Lana wants to kill Oliver but Kit said he needs him to confess, she tells him she knows how to make him confess. She tells him about his baby, he desperate to wants her to keep it.

She starts to asks him about all victim, while Kit record his confession. He going to hide the tape but he meets Arden, he tells him about alien he talks about. He tells him about they take Grace, he thinks that they take them because they have sex with him.

He tells him he wants to almost killed him, so they will comes to help him. He agreed so he can see Alma again.

Leigh killed Monsignor when he baptize him. Lana found that Oliver is missing, she is looking for him. But she meets Sister Eunice, she thinks it’s her who release him.

In common room, Lana meets Judy. She sorry to her, she tells her she is going to get her out. But she doesn’t trust her, Judy said she will earn it.

Arden start by inject something in Kit, he died. Then he see the light, he following the light and he found Grace alive and pregnant.

One of janitor found monsignor pin on the cross, he still alive.