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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 6 Ariel

In past while Snow run from Evil’s queen solider, she meets Ariel the mermaid. She rescue her from drowning.

Hook tells Swan and David about Neal, David and Hook wants to confirm about Neal before they tell her.

Ariel tells Snow about Eric, she rescued him and she fells in love with him. She tells her about Usler and dinner with prince.

Snow tells Emma the truth when she asked what are going on with David and Hook. Regina thinks it’s a lie, Snow thinks she should do it for Henry and herself. Pan convinces Rumple to leave.

Ariel and Snow are in Prince’s dinner, Ariel get dances with Eric. He remember that she save his life, he tells her that tomorrow he will go to explore the world. He invite her with him.

Regina found Rumple is tricked by Pan. She help him discover the truth, she chase his shadow out. She tells him they should join force and stop Pan, Rumple said only way is to exchange with his life.

Evil queen shows up and trick Ariel that she is Usler, she is going to help her to be with Eric. She gives her bracelet to Snow, she said she will become mermaid and she can keep her leg. Evil queen shows up, Ariel found that she is tricked. Snow tells Ariel to leave her, she attack evil queen and help Snow escapes.

Hook leads them to echo cave, he said only way to get through it they have to accept their darkness. They enter he cave and found him.

Hook shows to them by confess that he is in love with Emma, then path is created. Snow confess that she wants another baby, David confess about dreamshade he is hit. Completed path is build, Emma goes to get him. But she needs to confess too. She wish that he should died. He is now escape.

Snow tells Ariel to goes to see Eric and tell the truth, but before she could Evil Queen takes out her voice. She could not call Eric.

Evil Queen meets real Usler, she tells her do not try to do that again. At night Regina and Rumple goes to the sea, she called out Ariel. She gives her voice back and tells her to see Eric at Storybrooke.