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American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 8 Unholy Night

In 1962 a man in Santa suit are killed by strange man. Susie comes down from her room and found that strange man in Santa’s suit, he asks her to takes him to her parents.

He tied them up with their Christmas decoration. Then he killed both of them, at Blaircliff Sister Eunice makes the Christmas party too for patient.

Sister Jude sneaks in to Sister Eunice, she is going to kill her but she said that she may jump to her body instead. Dr. Arden shows up, he call security to takes her off. He tells her about one guard that wants to confess after he killed Grace.

In 1963, Sister Jude arranges to make Christmas’s picture. But Leigh start to kill nurse in front of everyone.

Sister Eunice takes the Santa suit and gives to him, she tells him to do as he wants. She get the presents from Dr. Arden, she threaten him to works with her.

Dr. Arden goes to see Sister Jude, he wants her to help Sister Eunice. At night monsignor comes to Christmas party, he thanks Sister Eunice for nice decoration. He also surprise that she could make Leigh works.

Lana goes to see Kit tells him about Oliver, now they plan to escapes and go to police. She found the phone in room, and found Olivier there.

Dr. Arden lets Sister Jude in, she tells her to bring Sister Eunice to her room alone. She will take care her. But she found Leigh in room instead, seem Arden double cross her.

Oliver tells her that he destroy all evidence now, he is going to kill her and take her skin. Kit shows up and knock him down. They locked him in abandon room.

Dr. Arden try to get rid Grace’s body but during the way there is a light. Then he found Grace’s body is missing.