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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 5 Good Form

Pan teaches Henry how to use his imagination, he seems excited. Emma and them still looking for Neal’s clue, Emma thinks they should send some message to Henry. Snow tells them she has idea.

Snow thinks they should make trap and captured one of Pan’s boy, Hook found that David is going to die. David knows that Hook is after Emma, he tells him no way.

In past, Hook and his brother are given order from King to find new feasts for kingdom. While they are going they are chasing by enemy, his brother show him the wing of pegasus. It makes their ship fly.

Hook and David decides to split out to find the way to goes home while Emma and the rest try to send message to Henry.

Snow and them catch one of them, he tells them that Henry hurt him.

Hook and his brother get in Neverland and meet Pan, he tells them about dreamshade that their king ask them to collect.

His brother doesn’t believe he try the dreamshade on himself to prove that Hook is wrong, but he dead because of its poison.

Pan shows up to Hook, he offered him to work with him exchange with he can takes Emma out of Neverland. He asks him to kill David.

Regina thinks they can use his heart to talks with Henry, Snow against it but Emma agreed she hold her while Regina get out his heart.

Hook tells David that he lies to him, he bring him here to save his life. In past Pan tells him about spring that can cure anything, include his brother but magic come with price.

Emma and them success to contact Henry, he is so surprise about it. He tells them Pan is near by and left.

Once Hook and his brother get out Neverland, he dead. He tells this to David, that it can cure him but he can’t get out the island. He said it’s fine if he can save Henry.

David and Hook comes back to them he tells them that he save his life, Emma kiss him. Pan tells Hook that he is alive and in Neverland.