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American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 7 Dark Cousin

Nurse found Grace bleed out, she almost died. Sister Eunice tells Dr. Arden about Grace, but he refused that he didn’t do it.

At kitchen one of patient cut out his hand, Sister Eunice saw what he write on the wall, but he has no idea what’s it. She asks if he summon her, he has no idea.

At night he see the woman in black wing comes to see him, she kiss him and he’s dead. Sister Eunice comes to see her, she found it’s her cousin.

Dr. Arden goes to see Grace and fix her, Kit while talking with his lawyer and found he can’t win the jury. He try to escape.

A woman in black wing goes to see Lana, while she is going to kiss her. But she refused, she said it’s not this time yet.

Oliver comes in and decided to kill her, she fight him back. She knock him down and escape, she found the car and get in.

The driver makes her afraid of him, he just has problem with his wife has affair. He has a gun, he suddenly kill himself Car is crash.

Lana wakes up again and found herself in Blarcliff again, she screams out loud. At hotel Sister Jude try to call police but she notices the news about girl she hit, she stop.

In 1964, after Jude drunk too much and forget to work one night. She is fired, she drives out the night and drunk. She hit the somewhere near the church.

At night, Sister Eunice call Judy about what she did to her, she tells her she should start to run. She decided to kill herself, she then see woman with black wing.

She tells her that she’s now ready, but she needs to go to see that girl’s family to confess. But she found she still alive.

Lana try to convince Sister Eunice that Oliver is bloody face, she tells her she believe and calm her down.

Kit sneaks in the facility, but a monster also following back. He goes to see Grace, when they are leaving the monster shows up. Kit managed to kill him, guard shows up and see his weapon he shoot at him. Grace block him and get shot, before she died a woman in black wing show up and kiss her.