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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 3 Quite a Common Fairy

Emma and them found that Pan’s camp is moving, they all upset how to get Henry. Hook tells them about Tinker bell, may be she can help. But Regina tells them she will never help them.

In past Tinker bell used to rescue Regina from dead, she also offered her to help her find love. But when Blue found out that she is helping Regina, she forbid her. But she doesn’t obey.

Hook found out about David injured, he said he will has days. Hook thinks pixie dust may can help him too.

Emma thinks Regina did something to Tinker bell, she tells her to keep going without her. After she left, Tinker bell shows up and knock her down.

Tinker bell show Regina her happy ending, she shows her the man she will happy with. But she changed her mind. Tinker bell is upset after knows that Regina refused her and make her a trouble.

Emma and them found Tinker bell place, but no body. They found that Tinker bell might after Regina.

Regina wakes up and found Tinker bell, she found she has no magic. But Tinker bell threaten her with poison arrow. She take out her own heart and give to her, she asks her why she didn’t meet her soul mate.

She tells her that she can choose to kill her or help her like fairy. She said she will not kill her but she won’t help her too. She said Henry is with Pan too long, it’s too late.

Mulan, Hood and Neal plan to catch the shadow, they use Robin’s son as bait. It comes and Neal grab him and fly away with him.

Emma and them found Tinker bell, they wants her to take them to Pan. They tell her that they will take her home too. She tells them Pan might let her in, but they have only one chance.