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American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 5 I Am Anne Frank (Part 2)

At night Sister Jude goes to see Mr. Goodman, he was one of Nazi survivor also. She asks him about Dr. Arden, he tells her about tattoo.

Anne is captured after she try to expose Dr. Arden to Sister Jude, she goes to see her in cell. She asks her what she saw in Dr. Arden’s room, she goes to check his room but she found nothing.

A man shows up and claim he knows Anne, he said she is not Anne but Charlotte she obsess with Anne. She goes out to help Nazi’s victim, Sister Jude release him to her husband.

But she doesn’t want to leave, he shows her the photo now he takes her home. Sister Eunice release Kit out of the cell, but Grace not. She is upset, at night the light shows up at her door.

Oliver wants Kit to confess for what he done. Now he is going to record his confess, Grace found herself naked in white room. She meet Alma, she tells her do not resist.

Dr. Arden is back, he complaint to Sister Jude about release Anne without any punishment after what she did. He’s back to his lab, Sister Eunice shows up to clean his wound. He knows she help him hide Shelly.

Next day Anne come back to facility, her husband can’t handle her. He wants her to stay here, Dr. Arden goes in her cell.

At night Dr. Oliver get Lana out of facility, while Dr. Arden tells Anne’s husband she will be good as new after tonight.

Sister Jude found from guard that Lana is missing, she starts to freak out that she is going to lost her job.

Olivier takes Lana back his home, he tells her the plan to tell her story at police. But she suspicious him something, she try to escapes his room and found his hidden room. She fell in his trap after he tells her he make furniture with skin.

Kit is arrested by police, they has all evidences and his confession from Oliver. Lana fond herself in lab, she found her friend body. She screams out loud when he takes out his human mask and wear it.

Anne is get out the facility and back home, she is completed changed.