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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 2 Lost Girl

Hook leads them into the wood to the ridge, they see the dark jungle. Hook suggest them to avoid it.

Evil Queen found that Snow white is not dead yet, she shows up to her and offer her the truce exchange with exile she out. She tells her to swear and give up her throne, otherwise she will kill a pleasant every day.

Snow decides to fight with her, David goes to get help from Rumple. He is back to her and tell her about magical weapon.

He convinces her to get it, he said it’s Excalibur. David can’t get it out, Snow try it and get it out.

At night Emma meets Pan, he gives her a map to find him. She decides to goes to him even there is a trap.

Emma try to read map but won’t works, Regina uses locator spell instead. They following to Pan, they found their base. But they don’t see Henry but they are ambush by Pan. They fight and Pan retreats.

Evil Queen back again next day, she uses Excalibur to stop her. She retreats and say they will see in battlefield.

Finally Emma make the map appear, they plan to encounter Pan. David injured during the Pan attack.