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American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 4 I Am Anne Frank (Part 1)

Guard shows Sister Jude new comer, she get in during last night storm. Dr. Arden try to find out more thing inside Kit, but he couldn’t.

Grace tells Kit what happen to her in past, someone kill them in front of her. They plan to kill them to take over their farm and accuse her for murder.

New comer is Anne Frank, she is survivor from Nazi camp. She thinks Dr. Arden is one of Narzi’s doctor. But Sister Jude doesn’t believe.

Lana plans to get out again, she tells Olivier what happen last night. Olivier talks with Kit, he thinks he is crazy and kill Alma and other girls.

Grace and Kit get caught while they have a sex, while Sister Jude is going to punish them. She found 2 detectives come to see Dr. Arden about prostitute.

Olivier try to help Lana remember what she forget, after he try he thinks his method won’t work with her.

Sister Jude try to warn Monsignor about Dr. Arden, but he doesn’t believe her. After talked he tells Dr. Arden to finish what he doing.

At cells Graces tells Kit the truth why she killed them, her stepfather abused her when child.

Dr. Arden talks to Anne, he thinks she lied. While he locks her room, she has the gun from the detectives. She shot him in leg, she found the hidden room in his room. She open the room and found Shelly.