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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 1 The Heart of the Truest Believer

Finally Emma and them are in Neverland, Owen and Tamara also tell him that they are in Neverland to destroy it.

Gold tells them that he will find Henry himself, He said Emma has no any imagination. And that will not work in Neverland.

Owen and Tamara found Pan and lost boys, they found that they are tricked. Shadows shows up and take Owen’s shadow, Tamara is shot. Now they are chasing Henry, on the way he found a boy. He tells him that he escapes from lost boy too.

Neal is rescue by Aurora and Philip, she found that he is Henry’s father. She tells him she might has a way to contact them.

Hook’s ship is under attack by mermaid, David and Swan try to fish them. They caught one of them, while Regina chase out the other.

Rumple found Owen and Tamara, he asks her about Henry then he rip her heart out and kill her.

The mermaid they caught call the storm to attack them, Regina is upset and turn her to wood. But storm still attack them, Emma found out that the storm comes from them. She try to stop them but they won’t, she then jump in the sea.

They stop fight and work together to rescue her, once she get up storm stop. Neal and Mulan go to Rumple’s castle. They meet Robin hood, he is looking for magical item. He found his rod, and after weird it they see the door. He use one of magic item to find Emma, he found she is in Neverland.

Henry found that boy is Peter Pan, he said he has The Heart of the Truest Believer.