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American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 3 Nor’easter

Couples fight with bloody face and knock him down, they are leaving facility. But they found other 2 bloody face, they shot them down.

They are Devon and Cooper, they are wonder how his arm is ripped out. Then they see other Bloody face walk to them.

Today Sister Eunice bring letters to Sister Jude, she found the news paper about girl she hit by car years ago. She is very sorry about it, she meets Oliver at first she thought it’s him that bring it. But seem he has no idea.

At night Sister Eunice kill one of patient who see her as devil, she dump her body at the wood.

As the storm is coming, Sister Jude arrange the movie to distract all patients. Lana get chance to talks to Olivier, she wants him to relay her message out. He promised.

Sister Jude goes to see Dr. Arden about Sister Eunice, she excuse him that make her changed.

At night, Sister Jude get call from girl she hit. She is sad and start to drink, she is drunk. Now she start the movie, she goes out to find missing patient.

Olivier tells Lana’s about her friend, he went to see her at house but he found no one. He tells her that her friend might be killed. He thinks may be police get the wrong guy.

Grace and Kit plan to escape tonight, Lana join them. Sister Jude while looking for missing patient, but she found something instead.

Lana and them get out the facility, on the way they found the body of missing patient. Kit looks around and found someone eating her body, he tells them to run.

They run back to facility, at facility Shelly is captured by Dr. Arden after she refused to make him. She wakes up and found he cut off her leg.