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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 22 And Straight On ’til Morning

Hook plans to exchange Bae with the shadow, but he found out that he is Rumple’s son. He now wants him to be a pirate.

David tells Gold about Tamara and Neal, while Emma tells it to Henry. They tells him about Regina’s trigger, but he said no. He wants to pay for the price of his magic, it’s because of him Neal die.

Owen, Tamara and Hook get down in mine. They tells him that to activate the trigger they need dwarf axes. They said after activate all them will die, then they hit it.

Now they found that trigger is activated, Hook shows up and offer them his help. Regina said nothing can stop but can delay. David and Hook will try to steal the bean from them, they will all escapes to Enchanted forest.

Archie gives potion to make people remember to Gold, he said he wants Belle to be herself when died. He gives her the potion, she is back.

Hook and David found Owen, when they corner Owen. Tamara shows up. They finally get one of them.

Emma and Regina goes inside the mine, she tells her to slow down it she has to use up all her energy. Emma thinks she will not come with them.

David tells them he get the bean, Emma tells Henry that Regina couldn’t come. He is upset, Snows thinks that why they don’t send the trigger instead. They try to convince Emma, she agreed.

Now they go to the mine, but Emma not found the bean. Hook trick them, Regina tells them she can’t hold any longer.

Emma thinks may be both of them can stop it, they stop it. But they found  Henry is kidnapped by Owen and Tamara. They found them open the portal and take Henry away.

They don’t know how to following them, then Hook shows up. He and Gold agreed to help them find Henry, before left Gold gives Belle the spell that can hide town from them. They found that they take Henry to Neverland, they following him there.