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American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 2 Tricks and Treats

A woman run out while she is following by someone, she run back to her boyfriend. She try to drag him to hide the room, but a man in blood face arrives and kill him. He pounding her door.

In 1964, Lois while in her house blood face shows up and killed him. Tonight police arrives and check all cells, Jude found Lana’s note and seize it.

She goes to see Arden to make Lana’s forget. They shock her with electricity.. Today Dr. Oliver comes to talks with Kit.

He tells him about alien, he doesn’t believe him. At the room, Kid talks to Grace about how to escape the place. Lana eavesdrop them.

Olivier comments how facility works, Sister Jude tells him to do his job. He following her to her office while she has guest, they are Jed’s parent. They tells him about Jed, he killed the cow and eat its heart.

They meet him, Olivier thinks he needs the medicate while Jude thinks he’s not. She is going to exorcism him. Monsignor tells him that he needs him as witness, they start the exorcism on Jed.

During exorcism, Jed shutdown building electricity. Lana get this chance that make door open and escape. But Grace wants to get Kit out, Lana yells and get the guard to capture him.

While  the exorcism failed, Jed die. Jude inform their parent, seem evil has possess sister Eunice instead.

Sister is going to punish for what they are done last night to escape, but Kit tells Jude that he will takes all.