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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 21 Second Star to the Right

In past, Bae try to get Rumple to non magic land. But at the end Rumple left him alone, Bae found himself in London. 6 months later he met Wendy, her parent let him stay with them.

One night Wendy tells him about magic she saw, he warned her not to get closed to it. One night she get off with it, one day she back. She tell Bae that shadow will come to take her brother. At night Bae exchange himself for Wendy’s brother.

Emma and them goes to see Regina, but they didn’t find her. They found that she is missing, Emma thinks that it’s Tamara. They don’t believe her.

Owen is going to torture Regina, he wants to know where is his father. Emma goes to see Tamara’s room again, she thinks she lied to him.

David and Snow go to see Gold, they want to know what happen to her. He gives them the potion that will connect Snow and Regina.

Snow see and feel what happen to her, she tells David about pain and smell of sardines. Owen and Tamara tells Regina that they and their people are going to destroy magic.

After call Emma thinks Tamara and Regina is in the warehouse near dock, she and Neal rush to it. Tamara notices they are in, she left Owen. Regina tells him that she killed him, he upset.

David and Snow shows up and stop Owen before killed her, Tamara knock down Emma and tell truth to Neal. She shots him, while she is going to kill him. Emma get up and stop her, she beat her down.

Tarama then used magic bean on floor, it’s going to get Emma. Neal grab her and fell with her, she try to grab him. He let her goes and disappear, Emma goes back and tell them what happen.

Bae get off from the shadow before they reach neverland, he fells into water. He meets Hook.

Regina wakes up and tell Snow and David about her trigger, Owen and Tamara also knows about it.