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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 20 The Evil Queen

Owen and Tamara shows Hook that Gold is alive, they wants him to find his father in exchange of kill him. They said they knows how to kill magical thing.

In past Regina try to find Snow, she asks the villagers about her but no one said. She tells the solider to kill them. Regina wonder why them protect Snow and not love her, Rumple said because she is evil queen.

She asks Rumple to cast her as pleasant, so she can get close to Snow and kill her. Rumple tells her that while she is in this body she can’t use magic.

Regina tell Henry about secret she learned, she tells him that she will killed them all. He is not agreed, she make him forget.

Hook comes to tell Regina the truth about Greg and Tamara, she shows him her escape plan from destruction of StoryBrooke.

After Emma talks¬†with Tamara, she found that she is the one that August try to warn. Snow doesn’t believe her, Henry overheard her and wants to help her found out about Tamara.

Regina takes Hook to get the trigger, she tells him that he is the distraction from guardian, Maleficient. She throws him to her. She get to the old coffin and get out the diamond.

Emma and Henry sneaks in Tamara’s room, Neal shows up. She tells him about She August talks about, but he won’t believe. She found something on her floor, she said if there is nothing she will back off.

After queen disguise as villager, she is attack by solider. Snow shows up and rescue her, she has chance to kill her but she won’t. She start to feel good with her, but when Snow see what she did to villagers. Snow upset, then she notices that she is queen disguise.

Regina surprise that Hook survive from Maleficient, he shows her Owen and Tamara. They have the way to stop her magic. He tells her now device will destroy every bit of her magic. Now they captured her.

Snow and David found out that their field is burn down.