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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 22 Postcards from the Edge

Cabe also resign from Homeland, at garage Sylvester tell them that Megan told him that Walter miss her appointment.

Happy tell them that they can find his car from his vin number, Elia has it. They go to see him, Happy sneaks in the meeting room and she get it.

They following his car and found him on the cliff, he is bleeding and stuck in car. Police comes down and try to move them, they tell Sylvester to call Cabe.

Cabe comes and organize the help from authority. He talks with Walter, he forgive him about Baghdad. Now they found his car is get fire.

They manage to stop the fire, but there is a shift of car and make Walter is bleeding. Toby guide him to stop the bleeding with car smoking.

Paige and Ralph are at the airport where they found out about Walter, they rush to them.

Happy use the crane and put Cabe on the end to get him, Paige is coming and see him. Cabe get him out the car on time before it fells down.

They takes him to hospital, he is safe. Paige decided not to leave them anymore.