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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 19 Lacey

Today is Henry’s birthday, Gold tells him to choose anything in his shop. He choose the wand, Gold shows him how to use it by change him to ceramic. He breaks him and wake up.

Regina found that Neal is Henry’s father, she is confusing. She tells him that they never accept him and he will always choose the darkness.

Gold goes to see Belle, she wants to remember who she was. He said they will help each other. Regina shows up and make her remember who she is.

Snow and David take Emma to see the magic bean field, she asks them what’s about danger ? They try convince her to get back with them.

Gold found that Belle is missing, he found what Regina’s left. He follows her and found in the bar, her name is Lacey. She tells him that she remember now. He goes back to see Regina, she knows that he can’t hurt her. Because he try to be best.

Gold goes to ask David how he did, he tells him to show the man that Belle loves. He asks her to go out with him, she agreed.

In past, Belle release Rumple’s prisoner. Now he takes her to get him back, on the way they meet the sheriff. He knows where is him but he wants something in return, when he tells him that he wants Belle. He lost his tongue, once he get it back he tell him everything. He tell him he is robin hood. They found them, they see him use the wand to cure his woman. She try to convince him to spare him and she success.

Gold found Belle is missing, he found her make out with other guy. She tells him that she is not Belle and she is not love him. He is upset and try to beat up a man, Lacey found him and seem she likes what he is.

Regina found out what Emma and them hiding from her, she found the hidden magic bean field.

At night, Owen and Tamara bring Hook back to town.