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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 20 Crossroads

Cabe tells them about new case about Maya, she is the book keeper for Hector cartel. They need them to find the book to make arrest.

They suggest them how to transfer Maya to the court without get killed. Now they goes with the convoy.

On the way they are ambush, she see Hector. He try to shoot them but their car is bulletproof, he comes with hammer.

While he is breaking the door, Walter use the shortgun bullet to explode them down. He leaves with her, Cabe¬†comes to pick them up. They swap their car, but on the way it’s down.

While they are stop for shopping, Hector shows up. They hide and escapes from him, Maya suggests them that they should get on the fastest car.

They trick the owner and get the car out, they are looking for way to not use Maya on court. They create the digital evidence instead to take down Hector.

They found their car is hacked, they try to crash them. They hack back the car, Cabe use the sheriff the blockage the road and lure Hector in.

They catch him, they let Maya left with new identity Canada.