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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 19 Young Hearts Spark Fire

Group of hikers¬†get lost in wood while they are the way to waterfall, Toby tells Walter that he has feelings with Paige. He thinks it’s ridiculous, Cabe call him that there is a lost hikers for 36 hours.

Scorpion goes to help national guard, they up on copter to scan the entire forest. They found their trail, but the wind is too strong it break the copter they have to urgent land.

Pilot is injured while land, he lost a lot of blood. Copter lands on the tree, they have to go down 1 by 1 to balance it.

They all land safe, they plan to find hikers while Sylvester and pilot stay to fix the phone. While they are on their trail, they found one of them injured.

They found hikers, they takes them to the evacuate point. At night they found the fire, it causes from Sylvester while he fixed the radio.

Sylvester drag him out of the fire, they can’t make the point before fire. He decided to hide in copter, and it works.

Cabe with copter arrives, but they can’t see them through smoke. Walter create the smoke to signal them. They found them now, and evacuate them all back.