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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 18 Once Bitten, Twice Die

Homeland asks Sylvester to hide the plane of 3 country leader while they are land to US for meeting to make the peace.

Scorpion and Homeland manage the meeting for them, while meeting they are arguing Paige suggest them to drink together.

One of them after drink, he collapse and dead. Toby tell them he is poisoned, they start to point finger to each other. Cabe and Walter calm them down, now they lock down the facility until found the culprit.

While they are looking for culprit for antidote, they will intercept all message out. Paige calm they down with their homeland song.

They found he is poisoned by snake, but they need to find what is it. They get out to find the snake, while Sylvester and Toby found the master mind and snake.

Assassin found that his message is intercept, he start to run off. Toby and Sylvester try to cache him. But he escapes.

Walter, Paige and Happy go to get the snake. He let it bite to check the right snake, he is making the antidote with his ferret body. Now they are safe, next they have to find the way to make them sit down and talk.

They tricked them that if they don’t war will started, they buy it and start to talk peace.