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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 15 The Queen Is Dead

It’s Snow’s birthday and she doesn’t wants to have it. But she found someone send her a tiara. Snow rush to see her, while talks with her Snow heard the digging.

She found Cora and Regina is digging for Rumple’s dagger. She heard they plan to use Rumple to kill everyone.

She rush to tells David, she thinks out of plan to slow them down by make Regina doubts her mother.

Hook following them to Manhattan, he stab Gold with his poison hook. Emma knocks him down and lock him up, Gold tells them only magic can save him.

He┬átells them they must use his ship to goes back, Neal tell them he can do. Henry get text from Snow about Gold’s dagger. Emma read it to Gold, she convinces him to tell her where is it.

Snow and David get the dagger, Cora and Regina shows up. They threaten her with someone’s life. Snow realize that it’s Cora who killed her mother, Snow finally gives them the dagger. But Cora still killed the hostage.

Regina asks Cora about what happen in past, all plan she plan for her to become a queen. She tells her that once Rumple back, they all will forget.

Neal shows her his fiance, Emma is a bit shock. While Snow start to wonder herself, she start to loose herself. She decided to kill Cora.