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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 14 Manhattan

Gold and them arrive at Manhattan, while Regina and Cora convinces Hook instead following Gold. He should find his dagger.

Gold and them knock at his door, then they notices someone running out. Emma chases after him.

Emma stop him and found he is Neal, she found he is Rumple’s son. She is upset because she think he tricks her. He explains her the truth, he tells her about what Pinocchio told him.

Neal tells her to tell Gold that she miss him, so she won’t have to see him again. In past, Rumple while join army he meet a girl with eye on her hand.

She told him about his fate, he doesn’t believe her. She said he will knows the truth tomorrow.

Emma asks Snow about what she should do, Snow tells her she should tells the truth. But Emma decides to hide it.

Regina and them try to find Rumple’s dagger, they found the map in Belle’s library. Gold doesn’t give up and get in Neal’s room.

Rumple found that what girl said is true, she told him before that he will has a son and he is going to died. He break his leg, but once he back to house his wife is upset with him.

Gold thinks Emma is lies to him, why he pushing her. Neal shows up to stop him, now they found out that Henry is Neal’s son. Henry is upset and run off, Emma chasing after him.

Cora and them found where is his dagger, she tells Regina that they can command him to kill her enemy.

Henry tells Emma that he wants to see his dad, Gold try to convinces Neal to back to Storybrooks with him.

Henry talks with Neal, Gold remember that in the past. The girl he met tells her a boy will undo him, he think he will kill him.