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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 16 Love Boat

While guard transfer the weapon, they are robbed. Cabe tells them that the attacker is Christoph, he board the cruise to transport the weapon.

They will disguise as passenger and plant the tracking at the weapon, so they can get the buyer. Their plan will be get on the boat find the weapon and put tracking and leave before boat go. but after they get in the ship, Walter and Cabe get locked in the engine room.

Once they are on the sea, they still looking for weapon. Finally they found them, before done they interrupt by someone but he escapes. Now they have less time before he and his team will back.

Then captain start to gather all people in casino, they are looking for them. Christoph shows up, he takes control of ship.

He wants to find who takes his cargo, he is checking passenger with list one by one. Sylvester and Paige are hostage by them, Walter changed plan. He call to Christoph and wants to negotiate.

They meet him on deck, they give them back the rocket. Christoph try to shot down helicopter. Ralph help them hack in to Japanese cruiser near by and shot it down.

They found out that the captain is Christoph. They takes Paige as hostage, and go off the boat with rockets. Walter offer himself instead of her, they take him.

Sylvester shows up to help them by jump in their ship, all of them fell in the sea. Few of them get cut by propeller, Cabe jump down to help Sylvester while Paige shutdown the propeller.

Now the navy’s copter and Japanese destroyer show up. They get them.