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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 13 Tiny

Gold found that Emma willing to takes Henry with her, they leave Storybrook. Regina goes to see Henry, but Snow and David tell her that he is gone with Emma. She is upset and leave.

David and Snow ask Hook about Cora, he shows them his ship. In ship they found Tiny, he is a giant that guard the compass. Cora shrink him and put in cage.

They let him out, but when he notices David. He attacked him, Snow chase him out. He said he will has to pay what he has done.

Snow asks him about him, David remember in past. George used to make his brother goes to hunt the giant. He and Jack goes to see him and shows him around. They trick him about debt they have, Tiny tells them about their treasure.

Hook called out Cora, but Regina shows up instead. He tells her about the giant, she goes to see him and turn him to giant. He get in the town and start to destroy town, David goes to stop him. Snow tells him about Emma, he wants to see her. She tells him she is not here.

In past, Tiny found that human following him back to his castle. They found it’s James and Jack, they tell him that they want all magic bean. They fight with the army and failed, they success destroy all magic bean before human get it.

All giant except Tiny dead, but Jack also is killed by giant, while James takes treasure and escape.

Tiny chases after them, David stop and tell him to take him and stop hurting other. He deals, then he change back to very small size. He is going to fall down, David and town people rescue him.

After they tells him about they can’t go back to their land, Tiny tells them about bean stalk. He said if he grow magic bean, they might have a way to back.

Dwarf get Tiny to help them grow the bean. They will protect it from Cora.