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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 15 Forget Me Nots

Solider at the silo found that 10 missiles are going to launch, but there is no one authorize it.

Cabe takes them to check, they found immediately what happen even homeland try to hide from them.

They tell them about what happen 16 years ago, someone attack them and get the confident information. They think they used it to hack the Silo, Toby found that the man Bruce that get shot while attacked should still remember.

They go to see him, Toby try to hypnosis him to remember about that day. Walter tells them that put some electric might get something back, Cabe volunteer to try first.

Method seems work, now they put on him. He remember someone with 2 colors on his finger takes it. They think they should have the files of the injured that day at Homeland.

They found the man that has blue finger, he panic and try to run. Cabe catch him before leave, they question him. Cabe found that his family was hostage before after the briefcase missing his family back.

Happy and Paige found Bruce, he run to see his lover but he can’t find her. Now they takes him to see that blue finger man, it activate his missing memory. He remember that he heard the dial, they simulate him to the tone to get full number.

Cabe tells them now hacker is starting the missile, they found the address that belong to that number. They go to see there, suspect shoot them and run off.

He has the briefcase with him, they chase him and corner him. He throw the case on the train track to destroy it, Happy use the huge magnetic to stop the train. They got the case.